Image 4aJPGOur PCS fleet of nine specialist clean water tankers is on hand to provide large volumes of clean water to poultry companies and farms whenever you require it. Access to a reliable source of clean water is essential for any farm that raises livestock. Our service provides you with a source of clean water that meets your requirements and ensures continuity of supply even under the most demanding of agricultural conditions.

When you may need clean water

Cleaning out poultry sheds is a water-intensive task and can place great demands on a farm’s water pressure. Our additional clean water supply relieves pressure on the water mains, allowing your cleaning operation to be carried out quickly without any drop in efficiency due to water availability.

We can also provide clean water as drinking water for your livestock in the event of a problem arising with your main supply, whether independently or in conjunction with cleaning.

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To find out more about our clean water supply service and how we can assist your business, please get in touch with one of our team today. Contact us through our contact form, or call us at our Lincolnshire office on 01526 353978.

At PCS, we enable British farmers and agricultural businesses to monetise poultry litter through our range of haulage, contract cleaning, litter purchase and sale services.

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